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StompBox Band

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Everthing you need to rock out

is in StompBox Band

NEW Supports Multi Channel
Audio Devices
StompBox Band now supports interfaces with multiple inputs and outputs allowing you to run instruments through multiple racks at the same time.

NEW Process 2 Racks at
the Same Time
Process input from two separate band members using two completely different customisable effects racks.

NEW Dual Channel Mode
(One guitar through 2 racks)
Send output from a single guitar through two separate racks at the same time and optionally merge their outputs or split them to separate amplification.

NEW Dynamic Rack Switching
Allow dynamic switching between two separate effect racks depending on the volume level from your guitar.

NEW Chord Explorer
StompBox includes a chord database which can be used to discover and learn new chords.

NEW Chord Auditioning
The new Chord Explorer allows you to create and audition chord progressions using through your effects rack.

NEW Song Mode
(Save/Load Songs Buttons and Chords)
Load and Save a complete set of assignable effect patches and chord progressions for each song in your set.
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only $21.99
NEW Improved MIDI Patch Switching
Use a hardware foot controller to assign and switch patches remotely.

NEW Background Audio
StompBox allows processing of audio in the background. This is essential for using the program along side other audio applications.

NEW Improved AudioBus + Inter App Audio Compatible
StompBox now supports the AudioBus and Apples own Inter-App Audio allowing you to use the program to process audio from other iPad apps.

NEW Import & Export
of Patch Banks
Export banks of patches via Email and send them to friends. Importing them is as simple as tapping the file from within your email.

OPTIONAL Loop Station
Loop Station allows you to sample phrases and loops up to 32 seconds in length. This pedal features unlimited overdubs, the ability to undo and reverse the last recording, as well as load and save your finished loops.
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StompBox Band
Dual Effect Racks for
multiple band members -
output either a single mix
or both racks to
separate amps.
Low cost alternative
Turns your iPad into a flexible
Multi FX Processor including
17 effects, 4 Track
Recorder and Media Player.
StompBox as seen in Apple advert
Ok, just wanted to let you know the Visual EQ Console will be available later today for those who have been asking.…' https://t.co/CzvPveTX3A'
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This app is really a beauty! Its incredible the amount of sound effects you can product out of it! Great job! I hope they keep updaing with more awesome fx for guitar!...
App Store Review
Hmmm.. $20 for the app and how much for an iPad and electric guitar? Its worth it!!! This is a killer app for the iPad. Its far superior to "Amplitude"
App Store Review
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STOMPBOX BAND Compatible with
  • ✔ iPad 2
  • ✔ iPad 3
  • ✔ iPad Air
Requires iOS 7.0 or later