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Essential and powerful equipment

available in StompBox band

pre amp
Standard app feature
Pre-Amp - Standard StompBox feature
The PreAmp is the equivalent of a guitar amplifier which controls the Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence of your mix as well as providing an effects send and return loop.
Standard app feature
Metronome - Standard StompBox feature
The Metronome is used to produce regular beats at a given tempo. This helps musicians to play music in time when unaccompanied by other band members.
4 track loop recorder
Standard app feature
4 Track Loop Recorder - Standard StompBox feature
The 4 Track Loop Recorder allows you to record any sound passing through your rack. This is great for creating a temporary backing track for you to solo over while practicing.
media player
Standard app feature
Media Player - Standard StompBox feature
The Media Player can be used to play audio content from your iPod music library or locally stored files. It supports the ability to speed up or slow down a song without affecting pitch. Ideal for practicing your favourite songs and guitar solos.
loop station
Loop Station - In app purchase $3.99/£2.49
Loop Station allows you to sample phrases and loops up to 32 seconds in length. This pedal features unlimited overdubs, the ability to undo and reverse the last recording, as well as load and save your finished loops.
only $21.99

Full range of quality effect racks

available in StompBox band

digital reverb 2
Digital Reverb 2 - In app purchase $2.99/£1.99
A more advanced version of the standard reverb that offers a greater depth of control over reverb trail levels. One of the features of this reverb is the incredible length and tighter control that can be achieved.
compressor / limiter
Standard app feature
Compressor / Limiter - Standard StompBox feature
The compressor is a useful tool to help reduce the dynamic range of an input signal by boosting low signals and attenuating high ones.
metal hammer
Metal Hammer - In app purchase $1.99/£1.49
Metal Hammer is a very configurable stereo overdrive/distortion effect that has built in LO and HP filters as well as a Paramertric EQ to boost or cut specific frequencies. The turbo button can be used to create high sustain and boost distortion levels.
parametric equaliser
Standard app feature
Parametric Equaliser - Standard StompBox feature
The parametric equaliser allows you to modify the tone of your guitar, cutting or boosting up to 4 seperate frequency bands as required. Using this this form of equalisation can drastically change the sound.
phaser 1
Standard app feature
Phaser 1 - Standard StompBox feature
A phaser is a technique used to filter a signal by creating a series of peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum. The position of the peaks and troughs is typically modulated so that they vary over time, creating a dramatic sweeping effect.
stero flanger
Standard app feature
Flanger - Standard StompBox feature
The flanger modulates a delayed copy of an audio signal over the top of the original. This is similar to a chorus only the delay times are greatly reduced. The result is a swirling filtering effect which sounds very different from that of the sound of a chorus effect.
stero chorus
Standard app feature
Chorus - Standard StompBox feature
A chorus effect is created by modulating a delayed copy of an audio signal with the original. This creates a natural thickening of the sound which is very pleasing to the ear.
pitch shifter 1 and 2
Standard app feature
Pitch Shifter 1 & 2 - Standard StompBox features
The Pitch shifter can be used for creating harmonies or octave type effects. The stereo version supports left and right channel harmonies.
digital reverb
Standard app feature
Digital Reverb - Standard StompBox feature
Emulates the sound of playing in a large room, cathedral or canyon, where you can't actually pick out the individual echoes. This is one of the most useful effects available for giving great depth to a sound.
noise gate
Standard app feature
Noise Gate - Standard StompBox feature
The noise gate can be used to eliminate unwanted background noise once you stop playing your guitar. It supports configurable attack, release and threshold settings.
Standard app feature
Tremolo - Standard StompBox feature
This effect produces a controlled oscilation in your guitars volume for that unique 60's sound. The tremolo is an effect that is able to sync with the Metronome in order to oscillate in time with the current tempo.
Standard app feature
Distortion - Standard StompBox feature
The Distortion effect is used to emulate various overdrive, fuzz, distortion and tube screamer type effects. There are 8 distortion modes, each providing a different and distinct distortion sound.
only $21.99
digital delay
Standard app feature
Digital Delay 1 - Standard StompBox feature
The delay or echo as it is often called is a great effect for adding depth and presence to a sound. As the name suggests it adds a series of echoes which slowly deminish over a specified period of time.
auto wah
Standard app feature
Auto Wah - Standard StompBox feature
The AutoWah is an automated Wah Wah pedal which can either be used in standalone mode or in conjunction with the Foot Controllers whammy bar.
vintage vibe
Vintage Vibe - In app purchase $2.99/£1.99
This effect is a cross between a fade shifter and a chorus pedal and emulates the Doppler effect of a rotating Leslie Speaker made famous by Pink Floyd and Jimmy Hendrix.
phaser 2
Standard app feature
Phaser 2 - Standard StompBox feature
A phaser is a technique used to filter a signal by creating a series of peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum. The position of the peaks and troughs is typically modulated so that they vary over time, creating a dramatic sweeping effect.
8 band stereo graphic eq
Standard app feature
8 Band Stereo Graphic EQ - Standard StompBox feature
The graphic equaliser can be used to cut of boost certain frequencies of your sound. The effect consists of two banks of 8 sliders for cutting and boosting levels at specific frequency bands.
panning delay 2
Standard app feature
Panning Delay 2 - Standard StompBox feature
The Panning Delay creates a constantly moving stereo audio field which results in a more spacious and expansive sound than a conventional Delay.
Growler - In app purchase $0.99/£0.69
A great companion for the distortion plugin. It uses a unique delayed phase technique to produce an oscillating vocal vowel sound (hence the name Growler)
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This app is really a beauty! Its incredible the amount of sound effects you can product out of it! Great job! I hope they keep updaing with more awesome fx for guitar!...
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Hmmm.. $20 for the app and how much for an iPad and electric guitar? Its worth it!!! This is a killer app for the iPad. Its far superior to "Amplitude"
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STOMPBOX BAND Compatible with
  • ✔ iPad 2
  • ✔ iPad 3
  • ✔ iPad Air
Requires iOS 7.0 or later