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StompBox Band
Dual Effect Racks for
multiple band members -
output either a single mix
or both racks to
separate amps.
Low cost alternative
Turns your iPad into a flexible
Multi FX Processor including
17 effects, 4 Track
Recorder and Media Player.
StompBox as seen in Apple advert
Doug from The Sound Test Room takes the Harmonic Exciter for a spin in a nice real world example.…
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This app is really a beauty! Its incredible the amount of sound effects you can product out of it! Great job! I hope they keep updaing with more awesome fx for guitar!...
App Store Review
Hmmm.. $20 for the app and how much for an iPad and electric guitar? Its worth it!!! This is a killer app for the iPad. Its far superior to "Amplitude"
App Store Review
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STOMPBOX BAND Compatible with
  • ✔ iPad 2
  • ✔ iPad 3
  • ✔ iPad Air
Requires iOS 7.0 or later